Why the Maldives is a Boring Honeymoon Destination

By: Christina Hale

Maldives has been a prime destination for everything you could ever want in a holiday – from the scenic views to the tranquil waters, some exceptional hospitality, a scrumptious cuisine, the whole nine. But it isn’t honeymoon material, at least not for us here at Mundana. I’m pretty sure I just heard someone gasp from a distance, so let me enlighten you as to why we’re not quite certain the Maldives is your best bet at a Honeymoon.

It doesn’t offer much besides from what you already know.

The Maldives is a stunning place that is sure to give you the ultimate experience, without a doubt. But quite honestly, even if you had all the time and resources in the world, most – if not all – islands offer pretty much the same thing, so it can get a tad repetitive. Stunning landscapes, azure bodies of water, downy white sand, inhabited islands, watersports, one private resort. It would surely take your breath away for the first two days, but you eventually run out of things to do, and then what?

It’s a land of luxury.

A vacation in paradise doesn’t come cheap. It’s no surprise though, with the amount of care and effort locals exert to keep these islands as spectacular as possible, it’s only fair. And while you can seal in the deal for a much less expensive trip, it’s not without sacrificing a few luxuries that you could certainly get for half the price elsewhere.

It isn’t for everybody.

While the endless sea of blue is admittedly a beautiful piece of art you would never get tired of, beach bumming may not exactly be your thing. And if it isn’t? Well, then, this is not the best place for you. Of course, there’s the thrill of snorkeling, the relaxing spas, and experiencing the marine life in its entirety, but these things are not everybody’s cup of tea either. So that’s a huge factor to consider beforehand.

It’s too common a place to start your new journey.

Don’t get us wrong, the Maldives is a magnificent destination and we think everybody should get to experience it at least one point in their lives, but it’s too expected of couples these days that you just kind of want to sit down and maybe think twice about going there for your honeymoon. Any other time, please. This new chapter deserves a wild – but romantic, nonetheless – escapade you’d love to look back on years down the road.

It’s just not ideal.

Look at it this way: you’ve just married the love of your life and you’re going to obviously be seeing a lot of each other for all eternity. While your honeymoon could be the key to giving you all the relaxation time you so crave, let it be your excuse to go all-out on an insanely exciting adventure that will not only strengthen your bond through numerous (and maybe even strenuous) activities, but also test how far your patience goes with each other; you can then work yourselves out from there. Assuming you’ve sorted these things out long before your I dos (which you should have), take this as your time to just enjoy each other’s company doing things – and actually doing things – you both love (and don’t, maybe even the things you fear, for the fun of it all). Go on a cross country road-trip, try taking a mile-high vacation, swing at the end of the world, explore ruins, get closer to nature and wildlife, attend festivals all around the globe, the universe is yours.

Of course, at the end of the day, these are solely our thoughts. If you’d still want your dream honeymoon to take place at the awestriking Maldives, then by all means. And hey (either way), we can help you curate the perfect itinerary for a memorable and amorous celebration!