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You know the situation. You’re just back from the holiday of a lifetime and instead of feeling great, there’s a great big black cloud right above your head that you just can’t shift. All you can see ahead of you is work and routine, and they aren’t helping to lift that stifling depression. So what can you do? Here are a few tips to help you beat those post-holiday blues.

If travel is an important part of your life, we’re willing to bet that your soul has something to do with it. Whether it’s a conscious thought or not, that calling to travel, that longing for the next horizon, is coming from your soul. That unexplainable feeling of coming home, or the equally unexplainable feeling of falling in love as soon as you arrive is a soul recognition.

Life must have its sacred moments and its holy places. We need the infinite, the limitless, the uttermost - all that can give the heart a deep and strengthening peace. –A. Powell Davies

Maldives has been a prime destination for everything you could ever want in a holiday – from the scenic views to the tranquil waters, some exceptional hospitality, a scrumptious cuisine, the whole nine.

Nowhere has a better claim to being the home of the national park than the USA: Yellowstone was the first area in the world to be designated as such back in 1872,

If you’re planning a trip to Madrid but wish to see a little more of the centre of this fascinating region, then why not take a day trip out of the capital. Central Spain has some enthralling towns packed full of history with cultural attractions on every corner.

The great French novelist Gustave Flaubert once said: “Pleasure is found first in anticipation, later in memory.” It’s hard to think of a better adage to apply to your travels.

For many, a holiday spent relaxing on a palm fringed beach of soft ivory sand gently lapped By: the clearest of turquoise waters is the true embodiment of paradise. It’s hard to think of a part of the world that offers more in this respect than the Caribbean.

For many, January is a difficult month; after the anticipation that comes with Christmas and New Year celebrations, there’s little to get excited about. How better to overcome such depression with a holiday?

Planning your first safari can be a little daunting, and with the variety of accommodation options available, deciding what to pack can be difficult. But there’s no need to worry: our guide takes the stress out of knowing what to take and what to leave behind.

The countries of Eastern Europe contain some of the continent’s most beautiful cities. Budget-friendly, eclectic and above all charming, they’re just begging to be explored, and with most focused around compact Old Town districts, all you need to explore them is your walking shoes and a sense of adventure.

The UK’s largest country is also one of its most diverse, its countryside littered with chocolate box villages set against a backdrop of impossibly quaint rural scenes. There‘s too much to see in a single trip, but to get you started here are some of our favourite destinations in the heart of the English countryside.

Everyone knows that Italy is stuffed full of the ruined remains of the Empire that once looped the entire Mediterranean region. From the giant Colosseum in Rome to the cart ruts in the excavated streets of Pompeii, there’s plenty for fans of antiquity to visit. But the remnants of this once great Empire can be found scattered far and wide, and what follows is a brief guide to some of the other must-see but sometimes overlooked sights left behind By: these intrepid conquerors.

Our picks for a family-friendly holiday

By: Julia Hammond

If the whole family is happy, then that’s one vacation that’s going to be remembered for all the right reasons. Here are our Top Five picks for a family-friendly holiday.

Everyone deserves a holiday but the thought of coping alone with kids in tow can be a daunting prospect. There are things you can do as a single parent to help minimise the effect of any problems that might arise, so take our advice and have a stress-free vacation.

No matter what your preferred style of holiday, if you’re looking for inspiration for your winter vacation we have a suggestion for you. From the best winter sun resorts to where to go to improve your chances of spotting the Northern Lights, our picks will have you packing your bags and heading for the airport in no time.

For a little country, New Zealand packs a powerful punch. For those on an extended vacation or gap year, hiring a camper van and touring North and South Island at leisure is a tempting prospect. If your time is more limited, you’ll need to be more selective with your stops – and that’s where this article comes in. Here are ten staples for any Kiwi holiday itinerary.

There are few holiday types as exotic as a road trip. If your ideal vacation involves wheels and an open road, then we have some suggestions for you. What follows are six of our favourite journeys to whet your appetite.