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USA and Canada: Historic cities and incredible vistas

Boston,New Hampshire,Quebec city,Montreal,Toronto,Niagara Falls,Ithica,New York

USA and Canada: New England with a French twist

Boston,New Hampshire,Quebec city,Montreal

USA and Canada: New England and a dash of Gallic charm

Boston,New Hampshire,Vermont,Montreal

USA: Mountain high to desert dry

Scottsdale,Tucson,Santa Fe,Denver,Vail,Aspen

Canada: Highlights of Eastern Canada

Toronto,Ottowa,Montreal,Quebec City

USA: Mile high vacation


USA: The best of the Rockies


USA: Road to the Rockies


Canada: French charm and colonial heritage

Quebec City,La Malbaie

Canada: Scenic drama and absorbing cities


Canada: French heritage and mountain tops

Montreal,Mont Tremblant

Canada: French heritage and foodie's heaven

Montreal,Mont Tremblant,Quebec City,La Malbaie

USA: From Coke to country


USA: Big Apple and Beantown

Boston,New York

USA: Eastern Seaboard explorer

Boston,New York,Philadelphia,Washington DC